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For us, software outsourcing is more than hiring a development team for a limited time. Deciding to use our services, you can count on true problem outsourcing, not just the development process.

What exactly does this mean? We will plan work on your product, manage tasks, team, we will ensure that you are in constant communication and that you have influence on all decisions important from the perspective of your project. In all this you will gain the energy of our entire team. We are a small company; we all know each other, we know who is an expert in What area, we know how to share knowledge. Even if you decide to hire a small team, you will gain access to the knowledge and experience of our entire team.

What are my benefits?

Cost optimization
Promise of delivering not developers, but product on time and budget

Other Services

Blockchain Development

Blockchain Development

Blockchain is mainly associated with the cryptocurrency market and opportunity to make money trading bitcoins or other assets. But nowadays blockchain is way more than just a currency. It is a platform where you can build your applications which (by design) guarantee way better security, safety and transparency.

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MVP Development

MVP Development

Every, even the largest enterprise, began as an idea, which was expanded over time. Some of these ideas were lucky to start with the support of investors, but realities show that much more often young companies start with a relatively small financial base that does not allow the implementation of all ideas at once.

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Team Extension / Body Leasing

Team Extension / Body Leasing

Hiring experienced and loyal developers is an extremely difficult challenge. Of course, there are programmers on the market that you can buy ... but you have to remember that remuneration is just one of the elements that should be taken into account.

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UI/UX Design

Even the most beautiful graphics design does not guarantee building a product that will win against its competitors. Among the many factors that determine whether an implemented product will be successful or not, User Experience deserves special attention, which is very simplified how friendly your application is and easy to learn for its users.

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Application Prototyping

Regardless of where and how you build an IT system - the production of (good) software is not cheap and possible changes - often more expensive than it seems at the beginning. In fact, reworking the same piece of code does not motivate the work of programmers, which reduces their commitment and efficiency. Today's users are very demanding and if they do not like your product right away, there is a risk that they will abandon it forever.

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