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Price monitoring has become one of the main points in the strategy of many e-commerce marketers. The available tools that the market offers are unreasonably expensive and the expected value is very low.

Therefore, based on our own and our client's experience, as well as on the very rapid development of e-commerce, we have built a price monitoring and automation.

Tool made by for monitoring and automating prices.
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The value of the e-commerce market doubles every few years. Every year, thousands of new stores appear on the market and hundreds of others fail. Fighting in the market resembles the red ocean where the price is a very important element of competition.

The project that we implemented for our client - a platform for monitoring prices in online stores - perfectly matched the needs of the e-commerce market and online store owners.

Even if the prices in a given online store do not have to be the lowest, it is worth being aware of how my prices are compared to confusion.

Scope of work

The goal of MVP was to design and build a scalable platform for monitoring internet prices. It consisted of 3 modules:

  • A system of robots whose task was to collect information about the offer of a given store.
  • A system for managing the work of robots, which intelligently allocated the resources necessary to perform the task, taking into account the size of the assortment in a given store.
  • A panel for users of the SaaS solution, using which they could manage both the catalog of their products, the competition with which they are to be compared, as well as determining the loss behavior of the mechanism for autonomous pricing.


As a result of our work, a solution was built based on a modern set of tools and technologies. The heart of the system was the engine managing the work of robots that collected data from online stores. The whole solution is highly resistant to failures and the architecture of microservices allows for easy horizontal scaling of the system without stopping the entire system. In addition, thanks to the use of microservices, it is possible to easily tune individual system components, which for some reason may turn out to be a bottleneck in the future.

An element worth mentioning is the design of robots collecting information from online stores that are automatically added (without any administrator intervention). In addition, these robots can be versioned (several versions of robots can work at the same time). It is also important (for the sake of cost optimization) that after the work is done, the robots "extinguish" themselves, and the virtual machines on which they were run are removed.

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